Media Kit Page Template

A stress-free Media Kit Page for Content Creators on WordPress.

Media Kit Page Template

A stress-free Media Kit Page for Content Creators on WordPress.

Stay on brand

On-brand Media Kit without the designer price tag.

Video Tutorials

Easy to follow video tutorials for a seamless installation.

SEO friendly

Increase time spent on site and decrease Bounce Rate.

Showcase Your Best Work

Easily update your stats, allow brands and PR reps to sample the quality of work you produce, share the packages you offer, and save time without the need to mess with PDFs.

What past students are saying...


Caitlin Houston Blog

The Media Kit Page template demonstrates MUCH more professionalism and detail than a Canva media kit. I believe brands will notice the added professionalism and trust my personal brand more.

The installation directions were very easy to follow, and I loved the videos for each section. I found this entire process SO EASY! I look forward to never having to send additional links with media kits while pitching brand partnerships again!”

Before, I often got caught up just having to find my old media kit, to then having to update it. And when I’d try sending it as a Google Doc…it took forever. Now, this Media Kit Page template makes it easier pitch more often because everything is already set up, easy to update, and ready to go!

I just LOVE that it matches with my site’s design and branding! I’m especially looking forward to it positioning me even more as a professional blogger. “


Cammeo Head to Toe


The Vintage Modern Wife

The Media Kit Page template gives me more courage to pitch brands because brands can see all of the quality of work I have created. I also really like the testimonials section because they can see from other brands what they think of me too. It’s just another thing that says, “Hey, you want to pick her.”

As for one thing I’m happy to never do again with media kit creation? It’s actually creating it! Template is gorgeous!┬áIt makes a huge statement and it’s going to be super easy to edit. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with potential clients and making the income I deserve. I really appreciate it!”